Richardson International Ltd.

Jennifer Trann, Manager, Service Desk: 

“We are the largest agribusiness in Canada with over 100 locations in North America, over 2500 employees and is a recognized as a global leader in agriculture and food processing. We’re very much committed to the community, to our product, our people and our customers. These responsibilities are the base line of our business. Therefore, we are carefully crafting our business and communication processes and are constantly looking to improve wherever it’s possible”.

“Phone systems are the core of every company’s communication processes.  We clearly understand that and have never put cost over quality. We can’t afford failing on phone communications, whether it’s technical or management issues.  We realized that replacing an aging system entirely would cause us many problems.  ShoreTel solved this problem by allowing us to migrate efficiently and successfully, site by site and on our own timeline”.

Ronnie Leonor, Senior Technical Analyst: 

“After extensive research, ShoreTel solutions came into our radar. It sounded like a perfect fit if you have the right partner to work with. We interviewed a number of companies before we met the LANtelligence team.

LANtelligence not only created a solution that integrated with our aging systems for an easy transition but also helped us centralize management at our head office. As a result we have better control of our phone system and have eliminated third party involvement.

One of the key points of our relationship with LANtelligence is that they understand our processes and they are always available for assistance and urgent issues. Knowing how critical it is for us to deploy a phone system at a new location almost instantly, they invested their time to educate our team about ShoreTel. We can now set up the phones at any of the facilities ourselves, using the LANtelligence team for larger deployments that involve more complex telephony solutions.”