shoretel resolution time

The secret to reducing the ShoreTel resolution time when it comes to bugs and defects is as follows:

  • Be proactive and not reactive
  • Know the ShoreTel posted SLA’s based on ShoreTel’s priority assignment
  • Engage with them regularly, asking for status updates
  • Escalating to the ShoreTel TAC manager, when necessary

Have the Correct Partner in Your Corner

We can speak from over 15 years experience dealing with ShoreTel defects and/or “bugs” on our customers’ behalf. This is what we have learned and if it is not obvious, most ShoreTel customers and even Partners don’t have the resources available to chase down and close the loop on bug fixes/patches.

For the customer, that is understandable, for their partner it is not excusable. Working with a ShoreTel Partner that has a dedicated resource that is engaged daily on the status of that escalation with ShoreTel Management is the best way to drive your resolution to completion.


At LANtelligence the foundation of our advantage comes from the belief that customer service and support must be pro-active, not reactive. Pro-active means that we are always driving (i.e. in control of) the resolution and engagement on any support ticket or open items our customers have with their ShoreTel Solutions.

Dedicated TAC Manager

We have a dedicated management resource in our Technical Assistance Center(TAC) to ensure all open tickets and issues are moving through the resolution process within our industry’s best SLA’s. Our dedicated (TAC) manager has daily calls and a weekly scheduled meeting with ShoreTel Technical Support Management to ensure all escalated tickets are proceeding towards a resolution as quickly as possible.

Our manager also meets daily with our LANtelligence TAC team to guarantee that all tickets are pro-actively being worked to ensure the fastest and most accurate resolution possible. In the LANtelligence TAC, all of our support activities are tracked and presented real time on dashboards so all members of your ShoreTel support team has real-time status on your issues.

We have dedicated management roles that ensure open tickets and issues are moving through the resolution process within our industry’s best SLA’s.

Why LANtelligence?

LANtelligence recognizes that with today’s technologies our customers regularly have to deal with multiple vendors and manufacturers in relation to a single issue. Our job is to help support these issues and stay engaged until completion even if the issue appears to come from another vendor/manufacturer’s solution. When you combine are experience with Unified Communications support requirements and the level of expertise LANtelligence offers, you truly are working with a top support organization.

We would love to talk about your support experiences and how LANtelligence might change this experience for your organization. If you are not ready, then download our Support Difference Document.