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Do Not be at the mercy of the Carriers!

Written by lantelligence-admin on June 23, 2014

As your existing Unified Communications provider LANtelligence can offer you the best in carrier service options.

Working as a Master Agent LANtelligence has access to over 50 carrier options and with our existing understand of your business requirements LANtelligence has the knowledge to select the top 5 carriers for you to

How do I update my software to current?

Written by lantelligence-admin on June 23, 2014

LANtelligence recommends that if you are on ShoreTel we recommend that you stay N-1 current with your release with the current GA release of software.  Therefore, since 14.2 is now the GA release, you should be on release 13.x.

There are a couple reasons for this.  The first being that released

ShoreTel Virtualization and Release 14.2

Written by lantelligence-admin on June 23, 2014

What’s new with ShoreTel? You may dial a ShoreTel support phone number to ask them or you can read the article below and have all your questions answered right now.

With the release of ShoreTel 14.2, ShoreTel can now be virtualized.  For a few releases now, since 11.x, ShoreTel servers were able

ShoreTel Version Info

Written by lantelligence-admin on June 17, 2014

The current builds in ShoreTel:

PBX            14.2     Build 19.42.6503

ECC            9.0     Build 506.5.5304

Mobility     7.1     Build